Impact Teams

Deadline to Apply for Projects is February 15, 2024

IMPACT = to have a direct effect

That’s what we want to do.
Make an impact.
Use our influence.
For the Kingdom.

Each year we put together teams in strategic partnerships with field personnel, to give students an opportunity to be a part of a missions experience for one to three weeks on a team led by a campus minister, church college minister, or designated collegiate leader. Will you join us to use your influence to make an impact for the Kingdom?!

Applying to serve through One Mission Students qualifies you for up to 30% in financial assistance of your total field costs and transportation. Financial assistance is also based on the amount of fundraising assistance you provide in your local BCM or churchIf you’re considering service internationally – get your passport today! All students serving internationally must have submitted an application for a passport before Feb. 1, 2024. 

If you have any questions about opportunities listed below, please contact Chris Mills at

One Mission Students must be:

  • Maturing Christians
  • Active in an Alabama BCM or Alabama Baptist Church
  • Be of good physical and emotional health
  • Participate in personal evangelism on your college campus
  • Students must refrain from any use of alcohol, tobacco, pornography, sexual contact outside of marriage, and/or any other activity that will call into question your integrity or hinder one’s witness for Christ.
  • Completed one semester of college
  • Have a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher
  • Complete a local interview with your BCM campus minister or local church collegiate minister
  • Complete zoom or in person interview with One Mission Students leadership, these dates will be determined shortly. You will need to complete the interview as soon as possible to move forward with placement for summer.
  • You must also attend REACH Wknd, April 26-27 at WorldSong Missions Place. You will receive more information about this when you are appointed. This weekend will provide you with information about your service opportunity this summer and training in evangelism, safety, and security.
  • Commitment to guidance from the Centers for Disease Control, US State Department
  • You must also complete two report forms as you serve throughout the summer.
  • If you are applying internationally, you should either already have a passport with an expiration date of more than 6 months from the end date of the project you are applying for OR have already submitted an application for your passport!
  • You must be willing to be vaccinated with any vaccines required by a country for travel to or through that country. The One Mission Students team will discuss this further with you on a case-by-case basis.

Paris, France :: Pre-Olympic Team

May 19, 2024
- May 27, 2024

TOTAL ESTIMATED COST: $4390 (Includes flight, field cost, and travel insurance)

WHAT YOU PAY (includes OMS Contribution): $3285

More than 10,500 athletes will gather from nearly every nation on earth for the 2024 Olympics. As people from around the world gather to watch these athletes, God is giving us an opportunity to connect and proclaim the gospel to peoples from around the globe – many who otherwise do not have access to the gospel. The Olympic games also shift the mindset of locals, whose hearts may be open to different ideas they hear from visitors. We want to seize the opportunity, in partnership with US and French churches, to mobilize the global church on mission in Paris for the 2024 Olympics. We are praying for God to use volunteers and partnerships to reach Parisians, the immigrants making up 40% of the Paris-area population, and the flood of athletes and visitors. During the Olympics, many of the local Parisians will leave the city to avoid the crowds and chaos. This pre-Olympics timeframe will primarily focus on reaching Parisians before they depart by working alongside French churches to fulfill local strategies with various ministries, outreach, and evangelism. Introduce people to Jesus! We want to facilitate the bold proclamation of the gospel in this dark place to those who live here and those who are visiting. For guests to Paris, we hope to share and link them back to Christians in their own countries. For locals, we will do broad evangelism that fits into our overall vision for the city. Our intention is to assist in planting five churches over the next five years. We need to make connections and share the gospel broadly, and your team can help immensely in accomplishing this objective.

Israel :: VBS Team

July 9, 2024
- July 20, 2024

TOTAL ESTIMATED COST: $4098 (Includes flight, field cost, and travel insurance)

WHAT YOU PAY (includes OMS Contribution): $3100

This team of students will not only get to walk where Jesus walked…but also serve children by leading a Vacation Bible School in Nazareth.

Indianapolis :: Crossover and Southern Baptist Convention

June 5, 2024
- June 12, 2024

TOTAL ESTIMATED COST: $1116 (Includes flight, field cost, and travel insurance)

WHAT YOU PAY (includes OMS Contribution): $700

Students will participate in evangelistic events alongside others from across the US leading up to the annual Southern Baptist Convention meeting. During the meeting, students will assist with registration, serve as ushers, etc.

Guadalajara, Mexico :: Summer University Ministry

June 22, 2024
- June 28, 2024

TOTAL ESTIMATED COST: $1828 (Includes flight, field cost, and travel insurance)

WHAT YOU PAY (includes OMS Contribution): $1300

Partner with the American Peoples student strategy team based in Guadalajara, Mexico to evangelize university students in the bustling metropolitan city of Guadalajara, Mexico.  A thriving city of almost 7 million people, teams will be challenged to enter into key city areas with high university student populations and engage them with the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Several evangelism platforms will be utilized including Soularium cards, English practice, and direct personal evangelism in plazas.