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Update from Kalen in Alaska

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Today we finished up our third week of camp! This week we had 5th-6th graders, and it was definitely a challenging week. I have seen God stretch me in ways I have never experienced before over the past week, and I have learned to be constantly dependent on Him because without Him I wouldn’t have made it through this week.

This week was a big week for Camp Baldwin with the addition of a Cabin 5 because of the overflow of campers. I was in Cabin 5 this week. We had six awesome girls in our cabin. This week was really most challenging in knowing what to say to the girls. As they shared during one-on-one’s I came across many situations which I had no response to, but praise God He reminded me of scripture to show them. As the campers are getting older, they are starting to deal with more and more serious situations, so I just pray that God would give me wisdom to share His word with them.

We entered the week knowing that we were starting off “less than our best”, as Mark would say, but we have seen God work in amazing ways this week at camp. Going into the week we were all sleep deprived and sick, and by Tuesday I had almost completely lost my voice was down to a whisper. It was a pretty big inconvenience when trying to discipline campers. Despite all this, by the end of the week we saw six campers saved by the grace of God, which really blew me away. One of the girls from my cabin got saved Thursday night, and I was so thankful to see how God worked in her over the week and used me to share the gospel with her.

Before camp started Mark was teaching us about ”the power of being invisible”, and I don’t think I really understood completely what that meant until this past week. I have seen God work through me in my weakness over the past week, and it has been truly amazing. Over the past week I have had the opportunity to “lead” two people to Christ, one was my cabin helper last week and the other one of my campers. It has been so cool to see what God will do when we just get out of the way and allow Him to work. So as exhausting as camp is I love it and know it is totally worth it. The way I have seen God transforming my heart and the hearts of those around me has truly been amazing!

So as we prepare to go into Jr. High week please pray firstly that the gospel will be proclaimed and that the campers will have open hearts to receive what God is wanting to do in their lives. Pray for the counselors and staff that God would give us wisdom and keep us always dependent on Him in every situation. Also pray for physical strength as almost all of the counselors are sick.

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