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Connections (an Update from Marie in Thailand)

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On a Tuesday afternoon, Bailey and I came in from a long day of teaching and riding our bikes. We were exhausted. We made plans to squeeze in a short nap before we would bike to town for a chance to go to the internet cafe for some contact with America. After such a long week, we needed some encouragement. So we turned on our fan and tried to nap in the heat.

The next thing I knew, I woke to the sound of rain. We were not going to be able to go to the market. Bikes plus rain equals dangerous. Bailey and I were so disappointed. We just rolled over and went back to sleep. Thirty minutes later we were up and the sun was back out. We didn’t have time to do everything we had planned and we would have to be careful because it was wet, but we would at least be able to get out and about. So we saddled up, as I like to call it, and headed out.

On the way, Bailey and I saw that the internet cafe was closed. It wasn’t open yet. Bummer!

We stopped breifly and decided to check out the new store we saw Ajon Lek go into the day before. It was just down the road. This new store I call the ‘Hello Kitty Store’ because the plastic bags they use are pink and they have Hello Kitty printed on them! Bailey and I love were so excited about this one store. It was cheap and had alot of items Bailey and I needed. We were in there for a long time. By the time we had accumulated everything we needed, we headed up to the counter. The woman who checked us out spoke perfect English! She seemed to be just as excited as we were about being able to communicate. We began to talk to her about how we were teaching in the schools. She immediately opened up and told us about her neices and nephews. They are our students at one of our schools! She took us over to meet them at the store next door. Their entire family actually owned the chain of stores. We talked for a few minutes and God opened a door. She finally asked, “Will you consider tutoring the children in English?” Bailey and I looked at each other and said, “Yes.” The real kicker was when we said that we would tutor for free. They were so mesmorized by our offer to teach for free because of the love of Jesus. It really made an impression upon them. By the time we left the store, we made plans to meet on Saturday afternoons and go to their house for tutoring.

Bailey and I were floored. There is no doubt in my mind that our plans were changed that day so that God could move here in that family. Out of the strangest circumstances, a connection was made.

*Oh yeah, by the way, on the way home Bailey and I saw the internet cafe open. We had just enough time to email and facebook before dinner at the dorm. Thank you Lord!

Later in the week, that Saturday, we had a fantastic time tutoring the four children in English. Afterward, we got to swim in their pool and eat dinner with them. It was a great day of connection with not only the kids, but the whole family who came in and out the entire afternoon. At the end of the day, Bailey and I invited a girl to come learn English and attend service at the church the next morning. She wanted to go and her aunt allowed her to go. But the next morning, she wasn’t there. Please pray that we will be able to connect this family to the church so that they might be ministered to even when Bailey and I leave Thailand.

Continue to pray:
1. For new connections with families and teachers in the schools
2. For those people who we have made connections with to be able to hear the Gospel
3. For language ability
4. For 2 other teams in Northern Thailand
5. Bailey, she is sick

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