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Domestic Volunteer Release of Liability

Release of Claims and Waiver of Liability By Volunteer

By signing below, I agree to all of the terms and conditions of this Release of Claims and Waiver of Liability (referred to below as “Release”).

I understand that “the Sponsors” as used in this Release refers, individually and collectively, to the following organizations and persons: the State Board of Missions of the Alabama Baptist State Convention (ALSBOM), an Alabama non-profit corporation, including ALSBOM’s Office of Collegiate & Student Ministries and Office of Global Missions, and all of ALSBOM’s employees and agents; and International Mission Board, and all of its employees and agents; and North American Mission Board, and all of its employees and agents .

I understand that the Sponsors are providing an opportunity for volunteers to participate in Christian missionary services as described below. These missionary services, including all travel and other activities in connection with the missionary services, are referred to in this Release as “the Mission Program.”

Description of the Mission Program:  The Mission Program involves
service projects with local church plants, community and compassion ministries, schools, camps, etc. during the spring of 2024.

I desire to volunteer to participate in the Mission Program as a matter of personal spiritual growth and Christian service.  In order to induce the Sponsors to permit me to participate in the Mission Program, and in consideration of the opportunity provided by the Sponsors for me to participate in the Mission Program, I have read and signed this Release, fully intending to be legally bound by its terms.

Assumption of All Risks.  I acknowledge that my participation in the Mission Program involves known and inherent risks, as well as unknown and unanticipated risks, which could result in my death, in serious physical or emotional injury, and in damage to or loss of my personal property. These risks include but are not limited to transportation accidents, criminal activity, exposure to illness or disease, and conditions which may result from different living conditions, climate, and diet.  I understand that these risks are listed as examples and not as an exhaustive list of all of the potential hazards I may encounter during the Mission Program. I knowingly assume full responsibility for these risks.  I understand that the sponsors of the Mission Program will make reasonable efforts to respond to my health care and personal safety needs, but their ability to respond may be limited by the local conditions and circumstances.

Status as a Volunteer.  I understand that I will be participating in the Mission Program as a volunteer and not as an employee, and that I will not receive any monetary payment or other compensation for any services which I may render.

No Insurance.  I understand that the Sponsors do not assume any responsibility or obligation to provide financial or other assistance to me if I am injured while serving as a volunteer.  The Sponsors have no obligation to provide medical or health insurance, disability insurance, workers compensation coverage, or any other insurance to provide benefits or coverage to me if I a suffer an injury, illness, death, or property damage while serving as a volunteer.  I affirm that I have insurance sufficient to cover any injury or damage I may suffer or cause while participating in the Mission Program.  I further affirm that I have no medical, physical, or emotional conditions which could interfere with or compromise the safety of myself or other participants in the Mission Program.

Waiver and Release. I release and forever discharge and hold harmless the Sponsors from any claim or liability that I may now or hereafter have against the Sponsors respect to any bodily injury, personal injury, illness, death or property damage arising out of my participation in the Mission Program. This would also include any claim or liability with respect to my vehicle or other vehicles, damage to the vehicles,  myself or others if I choose to drive while participating in the Mission Program. I make this Release on my own behalf, as well as on behalf of my heirs, personal representatives, and any other person claiming through me.

Agreement to Indemnify.  If I or any person acting on my behalf brings against a Sponsor any claim which I have waived or for which I have assumed the risk under this Release, I will indemnify and hold the Sponsors harmless from any cost or expense of any kind arising from such claim, including court costs and reasonable attorneys fees.

Medical Treatment.  I authorize the Sponsors to provide or arrange for first-aid or emergency treatment if I am injured or become ill while participating in the Mission Program.  I release and forever discharge the Sponsors from any claim whatsoever arising from such treatment.  The Sponsors shall have no duty or obligation to provide medical treatment to me, and I agree to assume the cost of any medical treatment which is provided for me.

Severability.  Every term and provision of this Release is intended to be severable. If any clause is found to be unenforceable or invalid, all of the other terms and provisions of this Release will remain binding and enforceable

I have read this document carefully.  I understand this Release is a legal document which limits or waives rights or claims of right which I might otherwise have.  I intend for this Release to be a general release of liability and for this Release to be interpreted as broadly as the law permits in favor of the Sponsors.

I have freely and voluntarily signed this Release below to indicate my agreement to its terms.

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