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The BIG 5: Redeeming Social Media

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Hey everyone, my name is Kim Andrews and I’m a campus minister at the University of Alabama. And I’d like to talk to you about redeeming your social media.

So instead of allowing social media to be places for discouragement or distractions or even temptations, let’s work together to use our social media as platforms for the gospel. So I’ve seen a lot of creative things done that has produced a lot of conversations and so I would challenge you just to be creative and to consider what would really be engaging for you and your followers.

There’s not just one thing that you can do, you can do multiple things but just pick one to start out with. One of the things that I’ve seen that has worked really well is sharing your story.

So record a video, three to five minutes long, of you sharing what your life was like before Christ, how you became a Christian and then since becoming a Christian, what has God taught you and how’s your life different? Post it and then challenge your Christian friends to post videos as well.

Another thing you can do is use Instagram stories to ask questions and then post questions that are fun and creative that will give a little insight into how someone’s really doing. So one question I’ve seen that’s worked really well is “If you could describe your day in a color, “what color would it be and why?”. And then ask questions, clarifying questions if you need to, to see how someone’s really doing. Or simply just ask the question “How can I pray for you?” and then pray for them and then tell them that you’ve prayed for them. Anything that will allow you to keep the conversation flowing.

Something else I’ve seen is to write a blog. Share with people what God’s teaching you as you sit down and read his word each day. What are you being challenged with and how is your walk changing and maturing? What’s something God’s teaching you right now?

Or if you don’t want to write a blog, share blogs that you’re reading online. Post what, how God is using those things. Invite someone to a virtual worship service and then afterward talk to them about it. See what they liked or didn’t understand and see if they have questions that you can help bring some clarification to.

Also if you see friends on social media post things in a very vulnerable state where they’re discouraged or really struggling, comment on them or direct message them and offer to pray for them or to share scripture with them. Everyone wants to be seen and heard and so whatever you can do to help your friends and followers feel valued, I’d encourage you to really seek out ways to do that. And let’s be all intentional about sharing the gospel using our social media.

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