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Ever wonder what Jesus might post on Instagram? Consider these possible snapshots – images of Jesus that will show us what it looks like to pattern our lives after Him:

1. First, the image of Him with worn out knees: not as a fashion statement, but worn out because of His practice of the discipline of prayer. When you read the Gospels, Jesus spends much of His time focused on prayer – regularly communing with his Father or teaching others how to pray. And, it’s always with an outward focus. Even as He was dying He prays on behalf of the needs of others. Prayer was that important to Him.

Am I living out a dependence on prayer? We boast a message of living and finding our being in God’s hands, but do we live it? Look at John 14:12-14 and, John 17, which is the longest recorded prayer of Christ where He is setting Himself apart for His mission. He prays for Himself, His disciples and for all believers.

2. Now, this image of Jesus with rolled up sleeves: He practiced the discipline of service. Jesus said He came not to be served but to serve. This image of the growing disciple is one of humble servanthood – not thinking too highly of yourself but to “serve others as if you were serving the Lord” Himself (Ephesians 6:7). In the body of Christ if you are serving for the Lord and not for your own recognition, there is no job too small.

One of the hallmarks of modern societies is that most people are out to succeed. But there’s a rare category of individuals who are out to help others succeed. They exemplify the principles that all servants of Christ should practice. Consider Romans 12:6-7, 1 Corinthians 12:28 and 1 Peter 4:11.

3. Ponder this image of Jesus with open hands: practicing the discipline of giving. To experience abundance in the life of a disciple is to let go. Luke 6:38 describes it this way: “Give, and it will be given to you.” Or, as Matthew 10:8 says, “Freely you have received, freely give.”

Let’s be honest: We are a materially blessed people and a gifted, talented people. Give of your possessions, certainly, but give of yourself wholeheartedly to following God’s own heart. Ask God what it is you possess that He desires to use as you look for ways to join Him on mission.

4. Finally, this image of Jesus with outstretched arms: showing the discipline of loving others. Who did He hang out with? A wide diversity of people: the outcasts of society of that day and the unlovable. Just look at the diverse personalities of His disciples.

As you move about your circle of influence, be about loving people where they are and help move them a step closer in their understanding of who Christ is. Live in a culture and attitude of “we” instead of “me” being inclusive of all who need to know Christ’s love.

What other images of Jesus would you add?

Perhaps the image of dusty feet: “How beautiful are the feet of those who bring Good News!” (Romans 10:15)

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