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Finding “Peace” In The Park

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As one of your state missionaries serving in Collegiate & Student Ministries, it’s my privilege and blessing to hear stories of God’s working through the summer missions involvement of college students.

Please join us in praying for students serving across the globe engaging others in Gospel conversations. May God reveal Himself to those mentioned in this story which is from a student serving in South Asia.


This morning I woke up thinking and praying about where we needed to go today. I felt led to go to a park, and then the name of the park came to mind later after my friends and I got into the Word together.

We went to this park which had a temple in the middle of it where many go to find “peace”: worship. A young adult sitting at a bench inside the temple noticed my friend and me walking around taking pictures, so he smiled and waved us over to come and talk.

We introduced ourselves and immediately told him we were followers of Jesus. He was there at the temple worshipping, so I asked him to tell me a story about his god, and he didn’t know anything about it. He just said he felt peaceful when he came there.

I asked if I could tell him my story and the peace that I felt. I shared my story and the Gospel message, followed by another story about Christ. The man was very interested and said he wanted to know more to understand the Bible better, so we exchanged contact information and will try to meet up again in a couple of weeks for a discovery study.

My friend and I walked down the stairs out of the temple and into a garden where a group of men were sitting under a tree. They were staring like everyone else does and wanted to know who we were, so I walked up and sat with them.

They were about my age and in college so it was easy to relate to them. They spoke pretty good English too. They were very nice men and wanted to know about us and talked to us quite a bit.

I asked one of the men if I could tell him a story in English and, at first, one of the others looked intently at him and said not to allow me, but we politely convinced them to listen, and that it’s a very good story, so they smiled and said okay.

I began telling my story and God’s story again, and they all received it very well. This time we got the same response. The man told us that he had a friend who was a believer and that he wanted to learn more, so we exchanged info and plan to meet up again to go through a discovery Bible study.


Join us in praying for students serving across the globe engaging others in Gospel conversations. May God reveal Himself to those mentioned in this story through the obedience of students and others serving in South Asia.

State Missionary Chris Mills is an associate in the Office of Collegiate & Student Ministries. He may be contacted at 1-800-264-1225, ext. 379, or (334) 613-2379,

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