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British Isle – Update 1

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My name is Brittany Kent affectionately known as BK. I’m from Montgomery, AL and I attend UA. There are six people on our BCM British Isles Austin Browning (UA), Allie Rash (UA), John David Stonecypher (JSU), Kim Andrews (UA) and Shannon Hughes (USA).

This trip is, believe it or not for mission work in the British Isles (Scotland, England and Ireland). We left Birmingham, AL  on May 17th and arrived in London on May 18th. After settling into our Hostel we were able to see a small part of London. We saw  Big Ben, Westminister Abbbey, the Eye, the Prime Ministers home and other historical buildings in the heart of London. We were able to stay awake until that evening but rested well that night.

From left to right: Shannon, Kim, Alex, Brittany, Austin and John David.

Day 2
The true journey begins. We took a train to Birmingham, England where we met Kenny a missionary and Jez a local pastor both called to plant a church in the area Erdington in Birmingham. Once we arrived we had an orientation with Jez and Kenny where we learned that only 2% of the population of Birmingham have a relationship with Jesus Christ. I have learned that this culture is very private and that religion is not something people ever talk about. People are either athiest, agnostic or think is that God is irrelevent to them and this life. This makes ministry in this area challenging but God is working.

I know all about how God can work in challenging situations. When God wants you to do something for His glory He is not only patient with you but very clear about his plan. I know this because He presented this trip opportunity for me twice. God is working through Acts 1:8 in my life and has for several years through many circumstances. This trip was one of those times God showed me his faithfulness yet again. This trip had some problems getting filled. I was the first to respond but I had no doubt that God was going to bring the people. I also had to raise part of the money for the trip and I told the Lord that if He wanted me to go He would have to provide. My family is having some financial trouble and money is tight. But despite my fear and doubt I was asked to raised $1500 and He provided $1700 exactly what I needed.

I feel like that despite all of the challenges that God called me on this trip and He has something big in store. This first stop in England has been really cool! This is only day 3 and God has already revealed His presence and His Sovereignty. The amazing thing is this is only the begining. If God can show so much of His plan in just 3 days I can’t wait to see what He has planned for the next 3 weeks! I ask that you please pray for the people they need the love, joy and peace that only God can give.

The weather here is very cloudy and wet. These people not only need sunshine but SONshine. I ask that you pray for us to be salt and light int his place. I ask that you pray for openess and boldness!

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