Wes & Ashley Costello #OMSReassigned

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Video Transcript:

Ashley Costello

Hey, guys. I’m Ashley and this is Wes Costello, and we are missionaries right here in New York City.

Our church plan is Swerve Church in Bushwick, Brooklyn. However, we actually live right here in the Upper West Side of Manhattan. So, just like you, because of COVID-19, we can’t travel where we need to go to do our ministry and so we found ourselves, like you, reassigned for our summer.

Wes Costello

Yeah, but reassigned is a big word. Just because we’re not able to keep doing what we have been doing, didn’t mean our ministry stopped.

We found really cool ways to love and serve in our neighbors that we hadn’t been able to do before and hadn’t been able to meet. So whether that’s handing out goody bags with some encouragement in them, handing out over 500 masks to neighbors that just needed that extra sense of security. All these ways are small ways to, that didn’t do much, but maybe provide a little bit of encouragement, but the big deal was that we made a great connection and shared the love of God through that.

So we want to encourage you, find your ways to do that, right where you’re at. Just ’cause you’re not able to go overseas and do ministry this summer, doesn’t mean that God called you not to do anything this summer. We want to encourage you, find ways to serve, find ways to be God’s hand and feet right where you live, and God will truly bless that, we believe that. So we encourage you, find ways to serve, and we know God’s gonna use you in really big ways to use you this summer.

Thank you for what you’re doin’ and thank you for being willing to go and serve anyway. So we want to encourage you, keep praying about ways to serve in the future. Maybe that’s even right here in New York City. We’d love to see you come and serve here with us.

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