Wales :: Student Leadership Team

May 26, 2023 -
July 3, 2023

OMS Cost (amount you raise):$2650 (Includes flight, meals, lodging, and travel insurance)

Total Cost Estimate: $3800

This team is specifically designed for the student who is a natural leader and can handle fast-paced, high energy tasks. Members of this team will be a Leadership Team involved in running short-term missions projects in the Caernarfon/North Wales area among the Cymry Cymraeg (Welsh speakers). Short-term teams will include activities related to music ministry, prayerwalking, missional living, sports, recreation, and narrative mapping. Members of this team are encouraged to know how to host and adapt well to change. It is very much a camp counselor type position but with groups of youth, university students and adults. Several tasks commonly found for members of this team include budgeting, food/supply shopping, transportation planning, and enthusiastic leadership. Don't be afraid to get your hands dirty and do “whatever it takes” to get the job done. This team is for the person who loves to serve, lead, and be with people as you share the Gospel and help others to do the same in a post-Christian society. Specifically, this leadership team will be working with two primary projects during their time in Wales. The first is a very large group (about 150) comprised primarily of teenagers from the music programme of one Alabama Church. The second team is of university students doing a week of ministry follow-up following the Choirs and ensembles from the previous week’s project.

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