SPAIN – Exploration Team: Basque Speakers

May 30, 2020
- June 29, 2020
May 30, 2020 -
June 29, 2020

Cost: $2790 + airfare, visas, & insurance

One Mission Students qualify for up to $1200 in financial assistance.

This Team will do very much what the title suggests - namely to explore a particular language group
and the area, where they live. Though we have been doing various types of ministry in the Celtic
nations for over 20 years, our independent missionary agency/organization, called “Linguæ Christi”
has now embraced the calling of addressing the spiritual needs of speakers of ALL the indigenous,
minority languages in the European/Eurasian context (from Portugal in the West to Siberia in the
East). Much as we have done among speakers of Celtic languages for all these years, we intend to
begin new work with other European minority languages groups, organized by linguistic affinity.
Over the next 2-5 years specifically, it is our desire to open new work in at least 2 or 3 new linguistic
affinity areas.
With that in mind, we would like to send some specialized teams of students to do some initial
exploring in those areas and among those languages groups, where Linguæ Christi intends to open
new work in the foreseeable future. This EXPLORATION Team combines many of the other areas of
ministry, namely RESEARCH, MEDIA, PRAYER, and MISSIONAL. Using these broad categories, the
following are some aspects of the assignment:

1. RESEARCH. This exploration team will seek to research and collect data both academically and
anecdotally regarding (1) the language, (2) the people, who speak the language, (3) the area of the
language group, (4) religious expression available in the language, and (5) narrative mapping of the
area for the purposes of mission strategy development.
2. MEDIA. This team will document everything they experience through audio-visual media (still and
video images). The focus of the media documentation would be (1) the area of focus, (2) any
opportunity to display the presence and use of the language, and (3) the people who speak the
target minority language.
3. PRAYER. This team will regularly engage in prayer walking in the areas of exploration, especially
praying for “persons of peace,” contact areas, and opportunities for ministry among the language
group in question.
4. MISSIONAL. Whilst intentionally trying to establish personal contact with speakers of the target,
minority language for the reasons mentioned above, the team will use these opportunities and new
friendships for the sake of spiritual conversations and missional engagement.
This team will be focusing on Basque speakers in the Basque Country (Spanish side).


This is a VERY independent project. Those who require a great deal of direct supervision or
instruction should NOT consider this assignment.

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