Serve the Underprivileged :: Houston, Texas

May 22, 2023 -
July 22, 2023

OMS Cost (amount you raise):$200 (Includes flight, meals, lodging, and travel insurance)

Total Cost Estimate: $700

Students who serve at MCH will live & work in under-resourced communities in the fourth largest city in America.  They will lead clubs for children, preteens, and teens, and also minister to the Homeless and Senior Adults.   Many other opportunities will be offered for them to connect with our neighbors through the provision of food and clothing, assistance in homes and yard work, and in Bible Studies. Summer missionaries will also lead visiting youth and family mission groups in prayer walking and in serving alongside them in all the MCH ministries.  Everyone will participate in a weekly Pizza, Prayer and Praise Service.  You will also visit various churches in the Houston area to describe your mission work to the congregation or small group classes.  This is a truly comprehensive inner-city ministry.
As you immerse yourself in the ministry of MCH, you will be challenged and pushed in numerous ways, all of which will grow you as a follower of Christ and equip you for mission work long after this summer.  You will grow in your leadership skills and see your heart, vision, and skills for missions grow exponentially.

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