Reach University Students in London
London, England

May 23, 2023 -
July 5, 2023

OMS Cost (amount you raise):$4000 (Includes flight, meals, lodging, and travel insurance)

Total Cost Estimate: $5800

Join IMB church planters, Journeymen, and local partners in meeting, sharing the Gospel with, and discipling university students from around the world. As an integral member of our growing team, you will join us in gathering and grouping new student contacts for events, leading Discovery Bible Studies, and building intentional discipleship relationships.
But that’s not all. Our local churches need your partnership to serve alongside them as they connect with their local university students in order to share the Gospel and disciple this next generation.
So why give up your summer for London? According to The Standard newspaper, London is a modern-day Babel. Home to over 270 nations, this global city breaks records with over 300 spoken languages. On one bus ride alone, you’ll be overwhelmed with the sounds of English, Polish, Punjabi, Urdu, Bengali, Arabic, and French. London is a melting pot of nations in desperate need of the Gospel, and we need your help. Far too many of our communities are filled with people unaware and unconcerned with their spiritual bankruptcy.
Will you join us in sharing the Gospel in London?

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