IRELAND – Media Research Team

May 30, 2020
- June 29, 2020
May 30, 2020 -
June 29, 2020

Cost: $3050 + airfare, visas, & insurance

One Mission Students qualify for up to $1200 in financial assistance.

This Media Team will attempt to “tell the story” of Irish Gaelic speakers in Ireland through the collection of visual media resources, both still and video.   This team will be assigned to a village/ town/area that is significantly Irish-speaking and strategic to LC's overall ministry among Celtic language speakers. The Team will "go deep" in showing the area through media footage. They will document the area, language, and people through various media resources (photography, videography, journalism, personal interviews). This Team will then give their raw data (at the end of their assignment) to the Media Projects Coordinator, who, in conjunction with LC Teams 01 and 02, will develop various media resources for the sake of education and mobilizing Christians around the world to be involved in the work to reach Irish speakers with the Gospel through prayer, support, and active engagement. Good proficiency with photography and especially videography would be very helpful for this assignment.

**NOTE: This is a VERY independent project. Those who require a great deal of direct supervision or instruction should NOT consider this assignment.

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