Hope Sharer to Colombian Mountain Peoples :: Colombia

May 22, 2023 -
June 22, 2023

OMS Cost (amount you raise):$1500 (Includes flight, meals, lodging, and travel insurance)

Total Cost Estimate: $2500 *Strategic Partnership

Come help indigenous youth find hope in Jesus! Indigenous youth find themselves torn between their traditions and rituals-driven heritage and the allure of the “outside world.” Many are poor, socially marginalized, from broken homes, and question what they will do with their life. In high school they are required to learn English. If they want to attend the university, they must pass an English test. Your goal will be to develop friendships with these indigenous youth through English tutoring and English clubs. You’ll also drink coffee with them, play soccer, visit their homes, and occasionally visit indigenous villages. All the while, you’ll be sharing about your hope in Jesus through Bible stories and your personal testimony. You will serve in partnership with a local Colombian church, helping them get involved in cross cultural ministry alongside you.

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