Beards, Burkas, and the Gospel – 1 Guy Needed!

January 11, 2021
- July 26, 2021
January 11, 2021 -
July 26, 2021

Cost: $2500

Can you talk with Muslims? Come learn how to crossover to the gospel. Do you want the gospel to reach everyone? Hit the streets meeting strangers, sharing the light, and watching the Father work. You will find the highest concentration of Muslims in the world right here in South. Come place your life in a world where you can make an impact. Get trained on the ground and work the fields.
IMB provides a significant subsidy for Baptist students. The costs for Baptist students with the One Mission Students funding is only $2500 for all expenses (flight, meals, lodging, visas, etc.). Non-Baptist students will pay full price, but receive $1500 in funding from One Mission Students.

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